Boat offer



Trasmediterranea and Unisport Consulting have reached an agreement.  All participants and companions coming from Barcelona or Mallorca, can benefit from the best prices to facilitate attendance to our race.

There are three options to benefit from the agreement’s special rates: Directly at the maritime station window in Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca or Mahón and say that you are a participant in the 10/5 miles of Mahon; through Call Center 902 45 46 45, or through webpage

Participants and companions will enjoy the following preferential rates from September 9th till September 18th.

We thank Trasmediterranea for the agreement that will undoubtedly benefit all athletes travelling from the indicated ports.

Oferta_Tasmediterranea_105Millas_2019_ENG_01 Oferta_Tasmediterranea_105Millas_2019_ENG_02