Registration and prior information

What day is the race?

10/5 Miles City of Mahón 2018 is being held on the 15 September. The runners start running at 5.00 p.m.

What is the most efficient and safest way of registering?

The quickest and most convenient way is via the following link. Register here.
Registrations are only accepted by Internet.

How much does registration cost?

The price up to 15/08/2018
Runners of 10 Miles: the price is €17 + €1 if you are not federated + €3 if you do not have a chip.
Runners of 5 Miles: the price is €12 + €1 if you are not federated + €3 if you do not have a chip.

From 16/08/18 to 12/09/187 the price of registration increases €5.
Runners of 10 Miles: the price rises to €22 + €1 if you are not federated + €3 if you do not have a chip.
Runners of 5 Miles: the price rises to €17 + €1 if you are not federated + €3 if you do not have a chip.

From 13/09/18 registration increases €10 more.
Runners of 10 Miles: the price is €32 € + €1 if you are not federated + €3 if you do not have a chip.
Runners of 5 Miles: the price is €22 €1 if you are not federated + €3 if you do not have a chip.

* In this edition will be allocated € 2 each inscription to the Spanish Association against Cancer.

How can I know if I am registered?

Once you have registered, you will receive an e-mail, and if after 24 hours you have not received any mail, send a message to info@unisportconsulting.com.

When is the deadline for registering?

The deadline for registering online for the 10/5 Miles City of Mahón is the 12 September.
Last-minute registrations can be made on Friday the 14 September until 8 p.m. in the Sea Cruise Station.

Will I lose my registration fee if I decide to cancel?

Until the 31 July, you can recover 50% of the registration fee.
From the 1 to 31 August, 30% of the registration fee.
From the 1st September you cannot recover the registration fee.

Where do I collect the “Racer’s bag” with the number?

You can collect it on Friday 14/09/18 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and on Saturday 15/09/18 from 9:30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. at the Sea Cruise Station (Finish line).
Remember that no numbers will be given out at the starting line.

Can another person pick up my number for me?

The participant unable to go in person to withdraw their number may authorise another person. There is a form which the authorised person must bring, duly filled out, along with their ID card and a photocopy of the participant’s ID. This document can be downloaded from the web or in the registration confirmation mail.


Career development and logistics

How do I reach the starting line?

The organization will make available to the participants, a shuttle service to the starting line, upon request when filling out the registration form.
The bus for 10 Miles will leave from the parking of the Sea Cruise Station to the Fortress of La Mola at 16:00 hours.
The exit for 10 Miles, Fortaleza de la Mola, has a parking that will be enabled for passenger cars, however it is convenient to know that the road access to the Mola will be cut from 16:00 and that In the case that an escort does not leave the Mola before the start, will have to wait the tail of the race.
• The bus for 5 Miles will leave from the parking of the Sea Cruise Station to Urb. Cala Llonga at 16:15 hours.
The organization strongly recommends using the free transport (for participants only) provided for this purpose as the road will suffer significant traffic restrictions. Also, we remember that there will be no bus service back from the finish line to the departure point.

Can my companions come to the starting line at the Fortress of La Mola?

Yes, the Fortress of La Mola can be visited. The runners enter free with their number.
Companions: € 8 entrance. € 5,50 residents of Menorca and retirees.

What do I do with my belongings? Where do I leave them and pick them up?

At the starting area, there will be a cloakroom service available for bags to keep participating athletes’ belongings safe.
The cloakroom will remain open until fifteen minutes before the race (4.45 p.m.). Only one package per participant will be admitted.
The bag must be closed and identified with the label that will be provided by the organisation, together with the number.
In the Finishing-Line area, where the bags will be deposited, distributed by number. The retreat will be done by presenting the dorsal.
The organisation is not responsible for any personal belongings left in the cloakroom. They can be collected until 19:30 hours on September 15th.

Can I run if I have left the yellow chip at home?

In case of loss of your chip you can rent one at the time of collecting the number.

In case you forget the chip just before the race, you must communicate to the organization.

Will I have food and water during the race?

The runners of the 10 Miles have two feeding points in the race (3,48 miles y 6,15 miles) and another at the Finishing Line. There will be supplies of water, energy drinks and fruit.

The runners of the 5 Miles have one feeding point during the race (2,12 miles) and another at the Finishing Line. There will be supplies of water, energy drinks and fruit.

Do I have a race insurance?

All the officially registered participants will be covered by an insurance policy approved by the organisation, which covers the accidents that may occur as a result as a direct consequence of the development of the race, but never originating from an illness of latent defect, injury, imprudence, negligence, inobservance of the law and the conditions of the regulations etc., or those produced in travel to and from the place where the race takes occurs.

The Organisation denies all liability for damages that the participants may suffer from or cause to third parties hours after their participation in the race.

Who gets a trophy?

  • There is a General Classification for men and another one for women for 5 Miles and 10 Miles.
  • • The two winners of the 10 Miles receive 10 kg of DO Mahón-Menorca Cheese..
  • • The two winners of the 5 Miles receive 5 kg of DO Mahón-Menorca Cheese.
  • • The second and third placed in the absolute male and female category of the 10 and 5 Mile will receive a trophy.


The following categories will receive a trophy the first classified, male and female, of the 10 and 5 Miles.

  • • Juvenile (born in 2001 and 2002) (16 - 17 years old inclusive) can only run the 5 mile race and receive a trophy the first classified.
  • • Junior (born in 1999 and 2000) (18 - 19 years inclusive)
  • • Hopeful (born between 1996 and 1998) (20 - 22 years inclusive)
  • • Senior (born between 1984 and 1995) (23 - 34 years inclusive)
    • M35 / W35 (born between 1979 and 1983) (35 - 39 inclusive)
  • • M40 / W40 (born between 1974 and 1978) (40 - 44 inclusive)
  • • M45 / W45 (born between 1969 and 1973) (45 - 49 inclusive)
  • • M50 / W50 (born between 1964 and 1968) (50 - 54 inclusive)
  • • M55 / W55 (born between 1959 and 1963) (55 - 59 inclusive)
  • • M60 / W60 (born between 1954 and 1958) (60 - 64 inclusive)
  • • M65 / W65 (born in 1953 and previous years)



(Català) Té la 10/5 Milles. Ciutat de Maó una operadora de viatges?

Yes. The official operator of the race is Viajes Magon (Tel. +34 971 351 700 / evalentin@viajesmagon.com). You can also get travel packages for the race which you can find on the web. Click here.

Furthermore, you can get special prices to rent cars with our sponsor OK Cars. For more information click here.

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