Collection of dorsals and gift bag

Those who have successfully enrolled in the Carrera 10/5 Miles City of Maó will be able to collect their numbers both afternoon on Friday, September 14th and throughout the morning of Saturday, September 15th. The collection point will be the Estació Marítima, where through the corresponding accreditation, you will be able to collect the number…

Extended hours collected from Numbers

In order to facilitate the collection of numbers to participants outside of Maó, the schedule has been extended until 15 hours on Saturday, September 15th at the Matrítima Station. COLLECTION OF NUMBERS AND RACE GIFT • Friday, 14 September 20187: tent installed in the Sea Cruise Station (Finish line). From 5 to 8 p.m. •…

Guided by Menorca Runaway

Menorca Runaway is a company that develops personalized travel routes in the mobile industry. Its project is born thanks to a wide experience in the tourism sector and an innovative and different approach whose main objective is to offer users a tourism guide of a specific, personalized area, in which in a single application they…