CaixaBank and running as the cornerstone of healthy values

07/05/2019 // Unisport Consulting

Through sponsorship, CaixaBank encourages cultural, social and economic progress, with its founding values of commitment to society. For this reason, the financial entity maintains its commitment to the most representative national popular athletic races with which it shares values such as effort, the spirit of improvement, perseverance and teamwork.

The entity has sponsored 47 popular races in Spain in the last year, always in collaboration with the local region involved. Through the support for these popular races, CaixaBank also produces through its employees a sense of pride of belonging and the encouragement of healthy habits to which more than 11,000 employees have ascribed.

Additionally, this involvement of the entity with sport has materialised in the formation of a large number of internal teams of #runnersCaixaBank. These #runnersCaixaBank teams bring values inherent in sport to the whole country and which also form part of the culture of CaixaBank.

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