02/05/2019 // Unisport Consulting

Emar Hotels and Pitiüsa Sud Autocars, leading companies in Formentera and closely linked to tourism in their different sectors, continue to support the 1/2 Marathon of Formentera. We thank them for their trust and hope they will be with us for the coming races.

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EMAR_HOTELS pitiusa_sud_autocars

Car Hire

02/05/2019 // Unisport Consulting

The best option to move around during the 1/2 Marathon.

ProAuto, La Mola Rent, MotorPujols and Formotor join the list of sponsors and collaborators to offer all the participants and companions the best service and conditions for car hire, or motorbike or bicycle and enjoy the island to the utmost.

Discover paradise with the help of the best vehicle services.
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Gastronomic weekends

30/04/2019 // Unisport Consulting

This initiative consists of some restaurants from Formentera offering gastronomic menus at a fixed price of 20 euros (drinks not included).

They are menus specially designed for this occasion, and some restaurants choose to make traditional recipes while others cook a modernised version, interpretations of the typical cuisine of the island, often providing a creative vision from the point of view of signature cuisine at a very affordable price.

 Dates 2019: 3, 4 and 5 of May, y 10, 11 and 12 of May

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The Government of the Balearic Islands continues to support TO THE FORMENTERA HALF MARATHON

29/04/2019 // Unisport Consulting

The Government of the Balearic Islands, through the Office of the Vice President and Regional Ministry for Innovation, Research and Tourism and the Balearic Islands Tourism Agency, is pleased to be the main Co-sponsor of Formentera’s 11th Half Marathon and 8 km race, lending its support to the sustainable active tourism.

This partnership, together with the support of the Formentera Island Council, enables the organisation to continue holding this event, which is considered a benchmark in the running world at both national and international level.

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