24/02/2016 // Unisport Consulting

1700 and 800 places available for the two races have been exhausted.


Expectations of participation in both races are awesome and we know that, unfortunately, some people have not achieved registration.

We want to take this opportunity to thank again the patience demonstrated after blocking platform inscriptions on Monday 22nd and slow server response today to the volume of requests received in such a short time. In an hour and a half was fully booked 1202 and 639 for the ½ Marathon & 8KM, which completed the total capacity available.

For future editions, the organization will consider other system that does not cause this trouble and more satisfactory to all the impossibility, for security and organization, to expand the participation quota.

On Wednesday 24th, at 12 pm reopen registrations

23/02/2016 // Unisport Consulting

Tomorrow Wednesday 24th, at 12 pm reopen registrations.

There are 1,200 registrations for the 1/2 Marathon and 650 registrations for 8km.

To not re- collapse payment platform, during registrations immediate payment will not requested, places will be allocated until the quota is exhausted available in both races. In subsequent days, people who achieved plaza will be told by mail the form and deadline for payment to confirm it.

Thanks again for your understanding. Good luck!

the registration page is blocked temporarily

22/02/2016 // Unisport Consulting

We communicate the registration page is blocked temporarily.

Due to problems with the server platform inscriptions proceeded to temporarily block them.

Right now they are reviewing the incidents and ending with payment made entries and returning the amounts collected in duplicate.

The normal registration process will resume on Wednesday 24 February at 12:00 h. there are still places available in both races.

All persons who have succeeded Monday to register and pay, are properly registered, in this case by Wednesday 24th at 10 am will receive the confirmation email and dorsal awarded.

Otherwise, please check the bank statement and confirm that there has been corresponding to the registration fee, if so contact again with Unisport Consulting (info@unisportconsulting.com) to perform a specific track of each case.

To avoid repeating this situation, the entries made after Wednesday will not be made with immediate recovery.

Beginning Monday, FEBRUARY 29, will receive an email with payment instructions.

Sorry for the inconvenience, although we knew that there would be pressure on the server does not expect such volume of people (nearly 1,000 users at 18:00) and has not been impossible to resolve it successfully.

The organization


19/02/2016 // Unisport Consulting

Interesting information

The maximum number of entries for this year is 1,700 athletes for the 1/2 Marathon Formentera and 800 athletes for the 8KM Sant Ferran – La Savina.

The price for registration until April 21 or until the quota is exhausted both races is as follows:

  • 1/2 Marathon Formentera 30 €.
  • 8KM Sant Ferran – La Savina: 15 €.

Athletes who have not owned a yellow chip must rent one at the time of registration (3 € rental + € 5 deposit).

Before starting the registration we recommend that you consult the rules of the race that you want to register and transfers to the exit you go to choose. Maybe at the time of registration you don’t have the confirmation of the accommodation, in this case choose the option that you seem most likely (you can make changes transfer request when you pick up your bib number.

The minimum age to participate in the 1/2 Marathon Formentera is 18 years old on the day of the race. For 8KM Sant Ferran – La Savina is 16 years old on the day of the race and is compulsory for under 18 provide parental consent can be downloaded from the web.

Return Policy Registration: until March 31, the registration fee will be returned, but 10 € for management costs low. After this deadline will not be accepted low for any reason.
See you in paradise.




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