Changes in the start line to respect the habitat of the Balearic shearwater in La Mola

27/04/2022 // Unisport Consulting

La Mola Virot

Participating in the 1/2 Marathon of Formentera also means being aware of the protection of the privileged environment in which the race is held and the planet in general. Therefore, this year we have relocated the animation tent of the starting line in the Lighthouse of La Mola, to place it 500 meters before the real starting line.

In this way, we preserve a geographical space currently cataloged as a Natural Area of Special Interest (ANEI in Spanish) and we reduce the acoustic impact on the natural habitat of the Balearic shearwater an endemic species of the Balearic Islands, which only breeds on our islands and that in this area of Formentera has one of the most important colonies.

Thus, the buses will transfer the participants to the animation tent, where there will be a DJ to liven up the waiting time and free water and coffee service, and the 500 meters to the starting arch will remain as a warm-up area for runners. Only by protecting our environment will we be able to enjoy it more. Thank you all for your collaboration.


Participating in the 1/2 Marathon of Formentera also means being a participant in the #SavePosidoniaProject, a project that is born from the desire of the Consell Insular de Formentera to promote sustainable tourism and launch an action plan to raise funds that will go, exclusively, to the conservation of the marine plant Posidonia Oceánica. The objective is to raise awareness about the vital importance of Posidonia in Formentera in the present and, above all, for future generations.

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