We recommend you consult the 8 KM Rules 2022. You can download them HERE.

Date: May 14th, 2022

Starting line: Sant Ferran. Crta. Ca Marí cruce Camí Vell de la Mola, at 4:30pm

Finishing line: Paseo de la Marina (La Savina). 

Maximum arrival time: at 7:30pm.

Maximum registration: 1.200 participants

Registration fee: €18 

Refund of registrations: Confirmed entries for the race are considered final, therefore no withdrawals will be accepted under any circumstance. Number transfers, name changes and distance changes will not be accepted.

For this reason, during the registration process a cancellation insurance is offered that covers the expenses incurred. Not contracting the insurance means not having the right to cancel or claim the registration fee.

If for any reason, beyond the control of the Organization: health pandemics, terrorist actions, climatic circumstances, accidents or cuts in sections of circuits, denial of government authorization for any cause or pretext, etc., the races could not be carried out in the scheduled date, the Organization will offer the option of transfer to the new date. In case of requesting the cancellation and not having contracted the cancellation insurance, 8 € will be deducted from the total amount of the registration to be refunded, to cover the management costs of each participant (such as bank commissions or other registration costs incurred).

Trajectory: Urban and interurban circuit, totally closed to traffic. The trajectory passes through the streets and roads listed below:

Altitude Itinerary Total Km.
15 Departure. Sant Ferran Crta. Ca Marí cruce Camí Vell de la Mola. Entrance town, turn right by Guillem Montgrí street, direction Es Pujols. 0,0
5 Refreshment stop. Exit town 1,0
5 Es Pujols. Enter town through Avenida Miramar, straight on at roundabout, left turn into Calle Espalmador. 2.6
5 Exit town, direction La Savina 3,0
3 Refreshment stop.  5.5
3 Platja de Ses Illetes, straight on, direction La Savina. 5.7
3 La Savina, turn right, direction Port. 7.4
2 Arrival. Port of La Savina. Paseo de la Marina. 8.1

Refreshments: Water at km 1, 5.5 and at the finishing line. 

There is no food and beverage service at the Sant Ferran race starting points. Participants should bring whatever they may need.

Minimum age: 16 years old on the day of the competition. Ifyouare under 18 you must provide the appropriate parental consent required by the organisation. This document can be downloaded from HERE.

Collection of race numbers: 

Location: PORT DE LA SAVINA. Tent located in the Passeig de la Marina (near the finishing line)

Friday 13/05/2022, any time from 10am to 9pm.

Saturday 14/05/2022, from 9am to 2.30pm.


An official identity document (ID card, passport, driving licence) and knowledge of your designated race number is essential for collection.

Participants who cannot collect their race number in person may authorise another person to collect it for them. The authorised person must bring with them a completed form, along with their ID card and a photocopy of the participant’s ID. This form can be downloaded from HERE.

Transfer of Participants: A shuttle service to the starting line is available to participants, upon request when filling out the registration form.


Alongside their race number, all participants will be given a ticket corresponding to the starting point as chosen on the registration form. To access the bus, the race number must be shown and this ticket must be provided, which must match the stop. 

Once the transfer point has been chosen on the registration form, any changes will have to be made upon collection of the race number in Formentera. Changes by phone or by e-mail will NOT be accepted.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For participants arriving from Ibiza on Saturday at noon, the shuttle will be provided at the Parking Ferry Station, at 4:15pm. Before entering the bus you must collect your race number from the tent before 2:30 pm, so please leave Ibiza with sufficient time. PASSENGERS WITHOUT THEIR TICKET AND RACE NUMBER WILL NOT BE ADMITTED.

Participant transfer points and times:

  • La Savina (Paseo de la Marina, next to Formentera Mar tower) at 4:15pm.
  • Sant Francisco Javier (Sa Sanieta –  Eroski supermarket parking area) at 4:15pm
  • Es Pujols (Calle Barcelona, next to roundabout, direction Sant Ferran), at 4:15pm.
  • Pilar de la Mola, at 4 p.m.
  • Mariland intersection (to La Mola), at 4:15pm.
  • Es Caló (Wharf parking area), at 4:30pm.

Return from the Finishing line to meeting points will begin at 7:15pm. Parking Ferry Station.

Note: The organisation reserves the right to change schedules and collection points for technical reasons. Should this occur, the final schedule will be communicated to the participants during the collection of the race numbers.

Race Control: This will be carried out with a chip.

Participants who have a yellow chip may use it once they have coded with the organisation (enter the code in the registration form on the website). That must be placed on the shoe (shoe-laces/velcro adhesive), not more than 30 cm from the ground to ensure proper timekeeping. If the participant does not have a chip or it is incorrectly attached the race time cannot be properly recorded. 

Participants who do not own a chip must buy a one use chip when registering (€3), which will be provided to them when they collect their race number. 

Gifts: Each athlete will receive a memento upon return of their race number, and participants who finish the race will be entitled to a Medal that will be delivered to them at the finish line.

Cloakroom service: At the starting area there will be a cloakroom service available for bags to keep participating athletes’ belongings safe. Items can be collected at the finishing line with the participant’s race number. Each bag must be closed and identified with the label that will be provide by the organisation. Only one bag per participant is allowed with a maximum weight of 10 kg.

The cloakroom will remain open until fifteen minutes before the race. Participants are encouraged to attend the race only with the items that are strictly necessary.

The organisation is not responsible for any personal belongings left in the cloakroom.

Medical Services There will be a doctor providing medical services. All athletes with physical, respiratory, allergy, etc. issues requiring special attention will have to notify the Organisation before starting the competition and include it on the back of their race number.

All runners participating in the race do so under their own responsibility and declare that they have an acceptable physical condition to participate. The Organisation recommends that all runners undergo a medical and/or stress test before the start of the race.

Ambulance service: There will be an ambulance service at the starting line, tailing the race and at the finishing line.

Race insurance: All officially registered participants will be covered by an insurance policy arranged by the Organisation which will cover any accidents that may occur as a direct consequence of the race but never as the result of a latent ailment or condition, carelessness, negligence, failure to observe the law or the rules, etc. or those produced whilst travelling to or from the place where the race is to take place.

The Organisation declines all responsibility for damages that participants may suffer or cause to others in the time subsequent to their participation in the race.

Race security: The Local Police of San Francesc, Civil Guard Subsector Traffic, Formentera Civil Protection and the Organisation are responsible for ensuring the safety of the race, the athletes will follow all instructions received from the staff responsible for race security.


– Trophy for the top 3 classified in each of the following categories “Overall Top Male”, “Overall Top Female”, “Overall Top Local male”, “Overall Top Local female” 

– Trophy for the winner of the other categories according to Article 4 of the regulation.

In this edition trophies are not cumulative.

Award Ceremony: At the finishing line (La Savina), at approximately 6:15pm.

If the qualifying participants are NOT present at the Award Ceremony it shall be construed as a waiver of the trophies. Any delegation to another person by the qualifying participants must be made known and approved by the Organisation, at least half an hour before the Award Ceremony.

Services available to the participant at the finishing line:
WCs, changing rooms and showers are available at the finishing line in addition to physiotherapy and active recovery services.

These regulations can be modified in order to follow the safety regulations set by the health authorities due to COVID-19 or any other circumstance, at the time of the race.



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