Last places available until registration is complete!!

21/02/2022 // Unisport Consulting

Salida La Mola

We announce that there will finally be a repechage of places for our race, so, if you still want it, you can sign up!

Access through the test website and choose the distance in which you want to register.

Online registration will remain open until the available places are exhausted or until April 1, 2022 (unextendable).

In the registration form, fill in the necessary fields and on the last screen you will access the virtual POS, the secure online payment platform. When you have made the payment you have to click on “Finish” and then we will send you a confirmation email to the contact that you have put in your personal data. Confirm that it is correct.

Remember that once the registration is made, it is considered final and changes or cancellations are not accepted. You can contract a cancellation insurance that we offer you during the process that would cover you for any eventuality. Without contracting the insurance, the amount paid cannot be claimed (due to injury, illness, inability to attend the event, etc.).

On behalf of the organization we want to thank you for your interest in the race.

Greetings and see you in Formentera on May 14!!!!

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