Letter from the organization to the participants

23/05/2022 // Unisport Consulting

Salida Grupo Aérea

Dear runner,
As the head of Unisport Consulting, organizer of the Half Marathon of Formentera and the 8km race, since the creation of both races, I wanted to express in first person my sincere and deepest apologies for what happened last May 14 regarding the shortage of water for hydration during the race and the added problems in post-finish line area. A fact attributable exclusively to the Organization, which I deeply regret and which should not have happened in any way.

Although there is no possible justification, several situations combined explain, in part, that the hydration service to the runners was insufficient. As you know, the commitment of the organization, in line with the Consell de Formentera, is to make this race an event with the least environmental impact, complying with the measures decreed by the Balearic Government, which prohibits, among others, the use of single-use plastic containers in this type of events. This circumstance is proving to be a serious problem to solve for the organizers of sporting events, especially when participation reaches certain number of participants.

We, as organizers, thought we had solved this aspect, with the distribution of water in cups at the refreshment stops, as well as with the distribution at the finish line of 3,700 metal bottles (1,000 more than the runners who finally participated) to refill in dispensers, but it is clear that the device, for different circumstances (insufficient flow for high demand, some participants taking several bottles …), did not work according to our forecasts. In addition, the strong heat, with higher temperatures than usual at this time in Formentera, also increased the hardness of the race and, therefore, the need for hydration by all athletes.

Furthermore, I would like to address another of the complaints that many of you have expressed to us, about the wait of almost two hours in the animation area at the start. This is an issue that has a simple explanation: the Organization uses all the buses available in Formentera to transfer the participants to the starting line, but these are not enough and, therefore, it is necessary to make several trips. In addition, both the place where the buses leave the runners at the start and on the access road, force this operation to be carried out in a staggered manner, hence the need for a reasonable time that may be more or less long depending on the place of collection and the turn of each one. In any case, we will also evaluate possible improvements for future editions.

Throughout these years, thanks to the effort and collaboration of all, we have achieved that both races, the Half Marathon of Formentera and the 8km Sant Ferran-La Savina, to have a recognized prestige that would not be fair to question because of the failures that may have occurred in this edition. Neither the team that works all year to make the best possible race; nor our sponsors and collaborators; nor Formentera and its people, who are committed to the race; nor each and every one of the participants who have had the opportunity to run with us in Formentera, because, sincerely, I think that there have been more successes than mistakes since we started organizing both races.

Therefore, from the commitment of the organization to start working on improvements for the next edition, paying attention to the contributions you want to make through our profiles on social media or our contact email, I reiterate my apologies for what happened and I hope we can continue to count on your presence in the next editions of the Formentera Half Marathon and the 8km Sant Ferran-La Savina.

Manuel Hernández
General Manager of Unisport Consulting

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