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15/09/2020 // Unisport Consulting

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Trasmapi can change the tickets for other dates or cancel them. For this it will be necessary that you send an email to or that you call by phone indicating your reservation number at 971314433 and they can help you with the procedures you may need.

Trasmapi understands that many runners will want to have tickets at a reduced price, even if they are not intended for the initial purpose of the discount, therefore, they will allow the ticket to be transferred to the date chosen by the passenger.


04/09/2020 // Unisport Consulting

Due to the current situation caused by COVID-19, we are forced to make the painful decision to cancel the 1/2 Marató and 8Km of Formentera.

We have worked very hard and until the end to make the test go ahead, with the highest priority of ensuring the
safety of participants, organizing staff, volunteers and spectators, but current circumstances do not allow this to be the case.

We appreciate the support of all
runners, sponsors and institutions that are also affected by this decision. To all of you, we promise that in 2021 we will return with even more desire to enjoy the 1/2 Marató and 8Km of Formentera.

Regarding your registration, there are two options to choose from before October 31st:

1. TrEspass your registration to the 2021 edition

2. Request a Refund of 100% of the amount OF YOUR REGISTRATION 

The organization will transfer automatically and without need to carry out any registration process for the 2021 edition.

If you prefer option 2, write an e-mail to Indicating your FULL Name, DNI number and race in which you are registered


If no changes have been made before the deadline, option 1 will apply.

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26/08/2020 // Unisport Consulting

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Dear participants of the 1/2 Marathon and 8KM of Formentera 2020:

Facing the pandemic generated by COVID 19 and given the uncertainty in the future prospects that this virus is creating among us, both participants and organizers, we have decided to launch this OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION to inform you and clarify the current situation as much as possible:

1. Taking the test: We continue working on the test in its 2 modes rescheduled for next October 10th; that no one has the slightest doubt that if the test is carried out it will be with the greatest security that the situation allows us and with all the pertinent authorizations and permits, especially from the health authorities.

2. Security protocol: To guarantee maximum security according to the standards and requirements demanded by the sports and health authorities, we are elaborating with enormous effort a protocol to guarantee all the necessary anti-covid prevention measures in all key points of the test: collection of bib-numbers, transfers to the starting line, starting lines, the competition itself and post-finish. Once approved by the Ministry of Health of the Balearic Government, it will be sent to all participants for your knowledge and for you to adjust the preparations, travel and arrival to Formentera. It is very important that we all commit to strict compliance with the protocol that is approved.

3. Number of registrants: Registrations have been closed so that the number of participants does not increase and thus the application of the approved protocols is more operational and practical.

4. Hotel reservation: In order for the hotel establishments of Formentera to be able to plan their reservations for the month of October, knowing how many places they have foreseen by the participants in the test, the organization requests that all those registered who are going to make overnight stays: Make your reservations now. These hotel reservations will not require advance payment. It is essential information so that hotels can decide whether or not to stay open until October. If they close, obviously we will have an added problem.

5. Eventual cancellation: We are not so naive as not to keep in mind that the real possibility of suspension of the race exists. If the race should finally be canceled, registered participants will have two options:

1. change your registration to run the test in 2021 (direct place without the need for a draw)
2. refund of the registration fee, which would lead to the loss of the reservation for the 2021 edition

We want to tell you that our entire team is working to the maximum and we maintain the illusion of being able to carry out the test, but also with the necessary responsibility so that it is safe for everyone.

We will keep you informed as soon as new news is produced in this regard.

A hug to everyone and thank you for your support and understanding in such a delicate moment.


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21/08/2020 // Unisport Consulting

The Organization has decided to close the registration period for the XII Half Marathon and 8 Km. Of Formentera 2020, next Tuesday, August 25th or until the available quota of 1,700 participants in the 21 Km race and 1,000 participants in the 8 km
If you still don’t have your number and want to join us on October 10, this is the time !!!
Registration through the official website



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