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Javier Cardona, from the Ibiza Half Triathlon Sports Association, and Irati Matas, from the Casablanca Stadium, have been proclaimed this afternoon Balearic triathlon champions within the framework of the eighth edition of the Illa de Formentera Triathlon, which has been held in Es Pujols, with the participation of almost 400 runners between the Olympic and Sprint categories. Matas was also the first to cross the finish line and was awarded this eighth edition of the event, something that Cardona, who finished fifth, could not achieve. The absolute winners of the long test were the Parrilla brothers, Ismael and Alberto, who entered hand in hand, with a time of 2:10:40 ”.

Before the Olympic triathlon, in which the athletes had to cover 1,500 meters swimming, 40 by bicycle and 10 kilometers running, the Sprint category test was held, about half the distance in the three tests. In this category, the absolute victory has been for Jorge Morcillo, from Ecosport Alcobendas, with a time of 1h04’09 ”, while Ainara Minaya, from G.D. Presumed, with a mark of 1h17’02 ”.

The test, which this year reached its eighth edition with a record of the participants, after its suspension last year due to the pandemic, has once again been a success of participation and the runners have enjoyed magnificent weather conditions and also in the sea ​​to give the best and offer a magnificent show that has been followed by a large audience in Es Pujols. The event has had the institutional sponsorship of the Consell de Formentera and the Government, through the Agència d’Estratègia Turística de les Illes Balears (AETIB), and the main sponsorship of Trasmapi.


Olympic Men

1-Ismael Parrilla 2h10’40 “

2-Alberto Parrilla 2h10’40 ”

3-Jorge Llàcer 2h12’32 “

Olympic Women

1-Irati Matas Tur 2h24’46 “

2-Dolores Fernández 2h32’34 ″

3-Silvia Valero 2h36’16 “

Men’s Balearic Championship

1-Javier Cardona 2h12’55 “

2-Joan Marín 2h13’03 “

3-Miquel Ángel Capó 2h13’15 ”

Balearic Women’s Championship

1-Irati Matas Tur 2h24’46 “

2-Dolores Fernández 2h32’34 “

3-Live Bethlehem 2h46’14 ”

Men’s Sprint

1-Jorge Morcillo 1h04’09 “

2-Vicent Ginestar1h05’22 “

3-Wilhelm Edu Laporte 1h07’52 “

Female Sprint

1-Ainara Minaya 1h17’02 “

2-Irene Bolufer 1h17’32 “

3-Irene López 1h21’18 “

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